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1802. Cape Cod. Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society

20000-NAMES.COM Male Native American Names, Page 1 of 2--meaning, origin, etymology

400th Anniversary of Champlain’s Voyages

America’s Tattooed Indian Kings

American Black Bear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

American Indian Games

American Indian Sports Team Mascots © 1998 - 2008.  All rights reserved.

Ancient Maps, Aztec in North America, The Mound Builders, Mound Builders, Giants, Giant Races, The Mound Builders by Mary Suthe

Black Bear Hunting Guide Black Bear Hunting Tips - A Modern Herbal Hellebore, Black - Herb Profile and Information

Cape Cod - Appendix B

Cape Cod - Storms And Pirates - Pt. 1

Cape Cod National Seashore - The Nauset Archaeological District - Eastham (U.S. National Park Service)

Chatham, Cape Cod Shipwrecks and Maritime Disasters Chatham, MA

Did Pocahontas Save Captain John Smith?

Étienne Brûlé - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

France in America - La France en Amérique

France in America

Glossary: Sailing Vessels of the 18th Century.

Glossems: Micmac of Megumaagee.

Henri Membertou - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hiawatha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hiawatha; a poem, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Illustrated by John Rea Neill.

History Is Elementary: Squanto

Hockomock Journals

History of Passaconaway

In Their Own Write (Pilgrim Hall Native American documents)

Iroquois Names

King's American Dispensatory, 1898 Veratrum Album

Lake Superior - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Native American Language Net Preserving and Promoting Indigenous American Indian languages

Native American Mythology Entry on GLOOSKAP

Nipmuc Indian Chiefs and Leaders - Nanepashemet

Ojibwa - Wikipedia


Ojibwe (Chippewa) and Dakota Indian Words in Longfellow's Hiawatha


Patriots and Peoples, blog, “America was not a disease-free Paradise”

Penobscot-Abenaki Language (Abénakis, Abenaquis, Abnaki, Abenaqui, Abnakis, Alnobak)

Questions about Sailing Routes in the North AtlanticOffshore Sailboat VoyagingAttainable Adventure Cruising

Reclaiming the Word "Squaw" Bruchac 1999

Samuel Argall - Wikipedia

Smithsonian Magazine History & Archaeology: Native Intelligence/Massasoit et al

Stone Structures in the Foxborough State Forest

The Atlantic March 2002 1491 Charles C. Mann

The Davistown Museum - Native Americans in Maine/Indian Pandemic 1617-1619

The Intellectual Activist - "Man's best came with Columbus"

The Overland Trail Links--Ancient Indian Trails

The Straight Dope: Is "squaw" an obscene insult?

The Wildlife Research Institute (Black Bear field rsearch)

Timeline of the Massachusett Indians

Tomaquag Indian Memorial Museum, Rhode Island

USGenWeb Archives - special collections - Johnson's Wonder Working Providence + other item

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)

Welcome to

Were American Indians Really Environmentalists - Thomas E. Woods - Mises Institute

Wiser Family Research (descendants of Squaw Sachem)


Bear Hunting Magazine Published Bi-Monthly for Hunters

Bear hunting Minnesota DNR

Bear Hunting Network

Roosevelt, Theodore. 1885. Hunting Trips of a Ranchman


Native American - Women

American Women's History -- American Indian Women

Indian Women/ division of labor

Native American - Description


Algonquian (Algic) Language Family

Ancient Pemaquid A Historical Review - Google Book Search

Browse the Modern English Collection -- Electronic Text Center-- Native American bibligraphy and text

Canton Massachusetts Historical Society-- Ahauton/Punkapoag Indians

Catlin's Letters and Notes

Christiaan Feest: thesis: "How can you go to a church that killed Indians?"

"Good Indians...Dead Indians" Mieder essay

Nantucket and other New England Islands - web compilation + "Stack of Artist of Kouroo Project"

Index of Native American Electronic Text Resources on the Internet

Links to North American Indian History Sites by Phil Konstantin

Maps of New England Tribal Lands and Communities - 1620

Marblehead's First Inhabitants / Donald A. Doliber

Norumbega reconsidered primary contemporary research (Davistown Museum)

Poem -- "The Indian Burying Ground" - Freneau - The Early America Review, Fall 1996

Romancing the Indian-- sentimentalizing and demonising in Cooper and Twain

SQUAW - Facts on eradicating the S-Word

Thomas Morton, Description of the Indians in New England (1637)(brief)

Wampanoag (Massachusett, Natick, Massasoit, Nantucket)


Canton Historical Society: "If Indans told Stories," Canton, Mass.

History of Winchester - The sachems Nanepashemet et al/ Ellen Knight

Horsford 1886- The Indian names of Boston, and their meaning.

Massachuset Indian Chiefs and Leaders (Handbook of American Indians)

MITE8AMEG8K8E "Marie Couc" Algonquin family

Nanepashemet's Map of Wampanoag Country in 1620

Nipmuc Place Names - Maine & Massachusetts

Pennacook History

Squanto--Yaffles & Yaffles

Strenuous Hikes in the Boston Area (Blue Hills)

Swanton, Tribes of North America, Massachusetts Tribes

The Indians Old Workd - Natives and the Coming of the Europeans - Neil Salisbury

Wampanoag Language and the Wampanoag Indian Tribe (Massachusett, Natick, Massasoit, Nantucket, Pokanoket)

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head - Other Stories and Information

Winchester History -- "Squaw Sachem"

PDF Books Plus

Indians of Chelsea (Winnisimmet)

Roanoke - Smith

Native Americans and the Smallpox Epidemic


Amherst, Jeffrey and Smallpox Blankets, letters French and Indian Wars

Indians and smallpox - thread, 1995

Patriots and Peoples - “America was not a Disease-Free Paradise" (Krech)

Reason Magazine - The Myth of the Passive Indian, review

Smallpox An Attack Scenario (modern)

Smallpox : Native American Plains Indians

The 'Big Sickness' in Arctic Alaska - 1918


As I Please -- "Why John Smith Never Came Back"

Captain John Smith

Elizabethan adventurers/Monhegan/Pemaquid

John Smith - chronology

John Smith Theme Site

Virtual Jamestown


Squanto--Yaffles & Yaffles

The History of Tisquantum

Tarrantines - Mi'kmaq

Abenaki - Wikipedia

Abenaki Culture & History

Penobscot-Abenaki Language

The Davistown Museum, ME

The Journey

16th century Canada - Wikipedia

Copperculture - America's first metal miners and artisans

Dispelling some Myths about the Old Copper Culture (Michigan)

Early Canadiana Online

Port Royal, French and Mi'kmaq Timeline/History

-Four Guides to the Past.pdf Maine Micmac

History of Nova Scotia, Bk1, Pt1, Ch2, Fish and Furs

Jesuits and Fur Trade

Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Online   

Lachine Rapids - Wikipedia

Great Lakes Tribes

Acadia and New France

Mi'kmaw History - Timeline (Post-Contact)

Norumbega - Wikipedia

Samuel de Champlain's 1607 Map (Reason) American Treasures of the Library of Congress

The Cartographic Creation of New England -- Champlain

The Pristine Myth The Landscape of the Americas in 1492 - Denevan

Who mined Michigan Copper? - Science, Magick, Myth and History




Nantucket and the Native American Legacy of New England

The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony1620

Wampanoag Dwellings

Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)

Wampanoag History - Sulzman


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